Dear Humans,

We are gathered here today to talk about doggos. Yep. Those adorable little floofers who have recently received all kinds of strange names on the Internet, all of which I pretty much love, and will unapologetically use throughout this blog. So ye be warned, all those of you who love not the doggo, the woofer, the pupper, or the boops. Those of you who are fun and do enjoy whimsy, please, I encourage you to keep reading! This blog is all about dogs, each post focusing on a different breed. I’ll be focusing mostly on my favourite breeds, because this is my blog. So … yeah. When I run out or dogs I love (which will take a while), I’ll take requests, and I’ll do little blurbies about the dogs that you love, if you so wish.

Before you get too invested, I must fully disclose to you that I am, first and foremost, a cat person. Gasp! I know. Potentially shocking. But it shouldn’t be, really, should it? Why is there such a divide, anyway, between what we have called cat people and dog people. Why can’t we just be pet people? Animal people? That said, I do occasionally notice a difference between cat people and dog people. And yes, I’m biased, counting myself among the former. But I find that cat people, when asked about dogs, are very likely to say oh, yeah, of course, dogs are great! I would love a dog one day, too, but cats are my favourite.

But a dog person, when asked about cats, is far more likely to go ugh, cats? The worst. They’re just snobby and they don’t care about you and they’re dumb and they’re just jerks. I hate cats. Like, dog people can be super aggressive about their cat-hate sometime. So we’ll have none of that on this blog, as dog-centric as it may be! And that’s a generalization, of course. I have met completely reasonable dog people. They do exist. Non-cat-hating-dog-people are out there, I promise.

But! Back to dogs. Being a cat person who also loves dogs, I totally get why dog people are dog people. There are some things you can do with a dog that are just a lot harder to do with a cat. Going for walks, for example. I once tried to get my cat on a leash, and she nearly lacerated my jugular. Also, paying fetch. If I ever throw a little ball or something for my cat, she will sometimes play with it, but usually the thing either ends up under the couch, at which point she’ll look at me to rescue it, or forgotten in some corner. It’s never back in my hand. So, I get it. And that’s why I will take this opportunity, here on this blog, to celebrate all things dog. Yes, they shed and they’re slobbery and their fur is all over our lives, but dammit they’re cute, and in spite of it all, we love them so much.

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