Wiener dogs! Hot dogs! That other name you can’t spell! That’s right, we’re talking about the dachshund. I still have to check the word every time I type it. Now, I realise that this is the third short-legged dog that I’ve done, and I’ve only done four dogs so far. I understand that means that this blog is, like, seventy-five percent short-legged doggos so none of them would be helpful to a professional carpet cleaning company St Catharines ON. But don’t worry, though. There will be more long-legged canine friends to come. I’m just in a short-legged dog mood at the moment, I suppose.

I only really “know” one dachshund, and that’s my boyfriend’s family dog dog. She loves to burrow down into blankets when she sleeps, whether it’s in a bundle of blankets on the couch or down at your feet in bed. Either way, she’s an adorable little burrower. Except, for whatever reason, when my boyfriend’s dad is sleeping on the couch. Then, little doggo curls up on top of him and the two sleep on the couch together and it’s delightful. Not only is she very cute when she sleeps, but she’s also cute, like, most other times. She’s super friendly, and she’s very mischievous. She’s got an attitude, too. She’ll start trotting off somewhere she knows she’s not supposed to go, and you’ll say her name, as a warning, and she’ll stop, and look back at you, and move another couple paces, then look back at you again, and so on. Cheeky little thing.

She’s a miniature dachshund, so even smaller than a regular little dachshund. In the States – and I venture to say that in Canada, too, as far as I know, but don’t quote me on that … at all – there are miniature dachshunds and standard dachshunds. The miniatures grow to be 11 pounds or under, whereas the standard will weight somewhere between 16 and 32 pounds. Your doggo is called a tweenie if he’s between 11 and 16 pounds. Which I guess is an appropriate name. Regardless of what size your little friend is, she can have three types of hair, which include smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired.

Smooth dachshunds are probably the ones you’ll see most commonly. They’re probably the most popular because their coat needs the least amount of attention. That said, they will (adorably) probably need a little coat or sweater to go outside in the winter time, if you happen to live somewhere that gets chilly in the winter. Not that buying little clothes for your dog is a bad thing. Except maybe for your wallet. I can see my dog having a bigger wardrobe than I have.

Happily, dachshunds make great pets! They have big personalities for little dogs (as many little dogs do, actually), and they also have a deep bark, considering their itty bitty size, thanks to their relatively large lungs. They’re great for people who have apartments, or who don’t have a huge lawn. They still need exercise, but taking them on walks and playing with them inside will suit them just fine. Just make sure that you take care of their fragile little backs! Because they’re so long and wiener-like, their spines are prone to injury. All in all, a great little bundle of opinionated joy to add to your family!

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